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The Pornography of the HolySee

The Holy See, Like John the Baptist is the announcer of things to come. For John it was the announcement and baptism with water. With the it is the announcement of the wonders cumming with the baptism of jizz.

Papal Porn is presently undergoing a transformation and update - When it is up and pornificating again we will announce it here. Praise the Lord

If you don't click on the images you may miss mass

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Absence training for Alter Boys

Absence training for novice Nuns

About Cults

Jerry is Not Gay


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) the episcopal see of Rome is not against sex. Rather The Apostolic See it is for sex. Without sex there would be no new Catholics and without new Catholics the Church would die. The Holy See wants Catholics to fuck and fuck often. Fuck without birth control and fuck anyone they can. For Catholics there is forgiveness in the confessional for such sins of lust.

Many mistakenly believe that  the because of the vow of celibacy that Priests and Nuns don't partake in the sacrament of sex or masterbate. The vow is only with regards to not marrying, not the fornication which is natural. This came about at the end of the first thousand years of Christianity as the Church found itself not gaining lands and property. A genuine Catholic BJ

In those days, when the Roman Catholic Clergy married, the children of the Clergy inherited the property of their parents.  Once the Church no longer recognized a marriage within the clergy the property of that Bishop, Priest or Nun now became property of the Church. In this way over the last one thousand years the Catholic Church has become the worlds largest property owner and richest institution.

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Papal Indulgence Button

 Do you ever get Islamic Urges and just want to issue a fatwa - Click Here

Yes Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, and Nuns continued to engage in sex thought the years. Yes the had children and the children were never recognized as to entitlement to their parents property. In general these children enjoyed great power in society as the basterd son or daughter of some Bishop, Pope or parish priest.

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The Church knows that the only way to get more Catholics is through sex. To encourage sex the Church has a vast secret archive or pornography to excite the faithful. Cardinal Fornateli is the curator of the Vatican's Pornography.

Nuns fuck, suck and swallow and

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Priests disrobe themselves to participate in sexual indulgence. Discipline is a  Nuns favourite pleasure.  Priest should accept proper confessions.


NEW: One Seminarian, a Nun and a Priest in a 3 way at Kendrick Catholic Seminary in St. Louis Click Here In the seminary they teach would be priests to "SERVICE THEMSELVES" add be proficient at it.

A Mans point of View        A Catholic Perspective

There is noting like a real nun sucking a real priests cock. The way she swirls the penis head with the tongue and at the end the way she dutifully swallows.

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Stories to make a Cardinal Cum                  Remember When?

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Nun Bowling

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